Brazilians unhappy on spending more than $10 billion on Rio Olympics

The Olympic Flag flies in front of "Christ the Redeemer" statue during a blessing ceremony in Rio de Janeiro August 19, 2012. REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes (BRAZIL - Tags: SPORT OLYMPICS RELIGION)
Shukriya Pakistan

Rio de Janeiro: Brazil spent more than $10 billion preparing for the Olympics. Now when the Rio games have entered the final week the Brazilians are asking the officials “Where are the medals which were announced being won?” Though Brazil had won just a single gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze till Sunday, but, the country’s sports officials are still hopeful to win more medals.

While preparing for the Olympics, Brazilian officials from the sports ministry claimed that they are aiming for the top 10 countries in the table for overall medals won. The sports director for the Brazilian Olympic Committee, Marcus Vinicius Freire urged on Saturday to have patience and said “Everyone has said that this has been the best athletic preparation in history” by a Brazilian team for the Olympics.

“We are pursuing an aggressive, but, feasible goal of being in the top 10. We are not going to analyze it immaturely. We are going to wait till the 21st of August for the games to close and we still have the goal of reaching the top 10 but some Brazilian sport fans are being pessimistic.”

“We’ve stopped winning medals in individual events and it’s not possible to make it to the top 10 in such circumstances,” said Roberto Moreira, 64, as he watched the women’s marathon on Sunday. He said, “The country is in the biggest big recession of past 80 years and there’s no time to focus on hitting the top 10. With such a situation in the country and the crisis we are in, I think it’s not a conducive environment for Brazilian sports.”

Others are questioning why a Latin American country is trying to reach the top 10 in such critical circumstances. “Reaching the top 10 is an absurd objective in a country that is completely ruined, with an economy in recession, a terrible education system and a destroyed social structure.” said Luis Carlos Domingues Cardoso, a 72-year old retired citizen.

With the Olympics now in the final week, the Brazilian sports officials are still hoping strong performances in various team sports which can boost their pride.