Cancellation of NZ tour of Pakistan is a conspiracy: Interior Minister


ISLAMABAD: Minister for Interior of Pakistan, Sheikh Rasheed called the cancellation of New Zealand’s tour of Pakistan, a ‘conspiracy’.

In a special press conference after New Zealand called off their Pakistan tour citing security threats, the Interior Minister stated that a ‘conspiracy’ hatched by some ‘hidden hands’ was involved in this matter.

“There wasn’t any security threat. All of our security agencies made sure to provide foolproof security to the touring team,” he said.

“This tour has been called off, involving a conspiracy hatched by some hidden hands. Pakistan is safe and we gave tight security to the New Zealand team,” he added.

Moreover, the minister ensured that they are even ready to host the England team. “We were fully prepared for New Zealand. And, we are also prepared to host England. I have heard about their concerns too, see it is their decision, whether they come here or not. But, if they come, we are prepared to welcome them,” he concluded.

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