This central contracts’ issue is not West Indies like crisis: PCB


Karachi: The issue of central contracts of Pakistan cricket team players has been blown out of proportion, which is nothing more than a simple disagreement and therefore would soon be resolved, sources in the board told

“Yes there is an issue regarding players’ central contracts. There has been a disagreement between the board and the players but it is not a crisis like the one, which involved West Indies cricket team and their board,” the source said.

West Indies cricket team has a perennial conflict with their board due to which a tour was curtailed, regular players dropped on several occasion and even a tour of India was also cancelled.

The source added that the players are playing in New Zealand and they would continue to do so.

“The issue will be resolved soon. The board is solving it and the negotiations are underway. The negotiation has been done amicably and hopefully soon everything would come to normal,” the source added.

Pakistan cricket team players have rejected their extended central contracts for a measly three-month period. Apart from demanding a year-long contract, players have also asked to give win bonus after every match instead of giving it for winning series only.

It has been reported that PCB chief Shaharyar Khan also tried to convince the players to accept the contracts without any success.

Both PCB and the players have been criticized by cricket pundits for letting this controversy grow and make headlines when the World Cup is just about to begin.