Champion League enters the final stages


As Champions League has entered the final stages, there are some big games coming up. Manchester City is going to face PSG, the French Champions at the Etihad.


Manchester City just has PSG in their way to the big semi finals of the Champions League and vice versa for PSG. The French football club has been knocked out of the quarter final stage of the Champions League in the past three seasons. According to the predictions of English legend, Michael Owen, Manchester City is to maintain a lead till half time and the game is expected to be finished with a draw.


In the other important game, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid is going to face off Wolfsburg. Real Madrid has an enough number of goals under their belt that they can overwhelm the German club. Michael Owens advised Real’s fans to be patient as they have not scored the last 9 of their goals in the first half.

The Spanish giants cannot afford to concede a goal early as they will be under an immense amount of pressure. According to the Owens, Real Madrid is favorite to advance in the tournament, however, the game can enter the extra time and even beyond that.

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