Chief selector Inzamam says he’ll follow his predecessor’s strategy


PCB’s chief selector Inzamam says as far as selection is concerned, we’ll follow the previous chief selector’s strategy, we’ll also bear in mind the recommendations of the previous selection committee. However new boys will also be given a chance.

In an interview Inzamam said , “I am a selector and not a fortune teller . I cannot predict as to when the team is going to stand on its feet, I’ll continue to do what my predecessors have been doing.”

Inzammam further said he’s watching disciplinary matters himself, he said if a window pane brakes with a bat in the dressing room it doesn’t mean it is something against the discipline.

Inzamam said he hasn’t finalized the England touring team , the selection is still in process. He said we can take the pressure of a defeat, I have been tolerating such pressures in the past as a player and I can do so as a selector too.

Inzamzm ul Haq said on breaking the discipline by Ahmad Shahzad and Umar Akmal the board hasn’t said anything against their selection in the team.

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