Chitral hosts first-ever Ski, Mountaineering training camp


The Pakistan Youth Outreach Foundation (PYOF)—in collaboration with the Hindukush Mountaineering and adventure club hosted first-ever Ski and Mountaineering training camp for youth at Qaqlasht, Chitral.

The camp featured a total of 50 participants from various regions including Lahore, Faisalabad, lower Chitral, Kalash, Mastuj, Booni, Broghil, and Hunza. Skilled trainers from Shimshal along with a ski trainer from Austria. They gave training to the participants about basic Ski and Mountaineering techniques.

Under the leadership of skilled trainers, a team of 9 participants, including 4 girls and 5 boys successfully summited a small peak in Qaqlasht by using the ‘Jhoomering’ technique.

Mirza Ali Baig, the founding chairman of PYOF, shared their aim to organize this event. He said that the event will encourage the youth of Pakistan towards this unique and exciting sport.

“I am happy to see the youth of Pakistan actively participated in this event. The basic aim of this effort was to gather young kids and train them with basic mountaineering techniques,” he said.

A six-day event ended up with healthy competitions among the participants who were awarded certificates and gifts.