Cibulkova slams Maria Sharapova on doping scandal


2014 Australian Open finalist Dominika Cibulkova has slammed the Russian golden girl Maria Sharapova on her recent doping scandal which got her suspended provisionally from March 12.

Dominika said that she was surprised to see the way former world number one player handled this situation because everyone’s opinion is totally different from what she portrayed.

“I was surprised that most of the reactions were so diplomatic, because everyone’s opinion is actually totally different.”

“I didn’t make any statement, as I didn’t want to be the only person to openly say what they think about this case”


The Slovak tennis player had not sympathies at all for the Russian fallen star and she termed her as arrogant and cold.

“I will only say that I don’t feel sorry at all for Sharapova and I don’t miss her on the tour.”

“She’s a totally unlikeable person. Arrogant, conceited and cold. When I sit beside her in the locker room, she won’t even say hello.”

Russia's Maria Sharapova celebrates after winning her first round match against Japan's Nao Hibino at the Australian Open tennis tournament at Melbourne Park, Australia, January 18, 2016. REUTERS/Thomas Peter


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