Colombia investigates death threats against Real Madrid’s James

Shukriya Pakistan

BOGOTA: Prosecutors have opened an investigation into alleged online death threats against Colombian playmaker James Rodriguez, of Real Madrid, an official said Tuesday.

“The Attorney General’s office is launching a probe to determine responsibilities in a crime involving threats” that carries up to eight years in prison, Luis Alberto Perez of its investigating unit told reporters, referring to the threats against James.

Perez said the threats were made on social media, as well as to one of the footballer’s relatives.

They were signed by the group “Hulk Legion,” he said.

“It originated from inside Mexico, and has been intimidating people on Twitter and other media.”

James was directed to start saying goodbye to family members, Perez said.

His mother, Pilar Rubio, reported on social media that threats were being made a few days ago. He is currently in Spain.