Colonel R. Asif Zaman appointed Director General of Pakistan Sports Board


Islamabad: Retired colonel Mohammad Asif Zaman on Tuesday was appointed the new Director-General of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) on a contract basis for three years.

The federal government has also issued a notification, however, the appointment of Asif Zaman is subjected to the order of the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

A writ petition has been filed in the Islamabad High Court regarding the appointment of DG Sports Board.

PSB’s official told this correspondent that the appointment of a new DG Pakistan Sports Board is against the law.

According to Article 2 (ia) of the PSB Rules 1981 made by the Federal Government (Cabinet), the Director-General of Pakistan Sports Board can be appointed only by the Federal Government.

The new Director-General of the Pakistan Sports Board has been appointed by the Prime Minister under the DGPSB Appointment Rules 2020.

The DG PSB Appointment Rules 2020 are made by the PSB Board while the PSB Rules 1981 are made by the Federal Government.

“The status of PSB Rules 1981 is greater than that of DGP PSB Appointment Rules 2020,” PSB’s official told this correspondent.

“Until the PSB Rules 1981, Rule 2 (ia) is amended, the Prime Minister does not have the power to appoint a DGPSB,” PSB sources.

The court order is expected to be announced in the coming week in which the legality of Asif Zaman’s appointment will be confirmed.

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