Copa America celebrates 100th anniversary


A special trophy of Copa America has been unveiled to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the tournament.

The exclusive trophy has the same shape and is not much different from the trophies that have been awarded during the rich history of the tournament. However, the trophy in celebration of 100th anniversary has one stand on a metal base covered in 24 –karat gold; it also bears the tournament logo and the map of South America.

The elite trophy for the particular tournament has taken 88 days to design and 98 days to get assembled.

According to the President of Columbian Football Federation, Ramon, Jesurum, the achieved feat opened a new era of opportunities for the Copa America.

“We are very happy because for us it is a historic date to seal the start of possibly the next 100 years, surely the next 100 years, of the Copa America,” said Ramon.

CONMEBOL President Alejandro Dominguez said, “Today we launch new conquests of new worlds for football through the seduction of our quality and art – as our South American teams will do in the Centennial Copa America, United States 2016 and in any future competition.”

The historical event will take place from 3rd June to 26th June in the United States. It will surely be a special trophy to win and the sixteen competing teams will work hard to get their hands on the extraordinary trophy.

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