‘Cricket boards should invest to save Test cricket’ Sangakkara


Lahore: Former Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara opined that cricket boards and International Cricket Council (ICC) should come forward to invest in Test cricket to save it from dying. 

While talking to former Pakistani cricketer Ramiz Raja on his Youtube channel, Sangakkara stressed the need to relaunch Test cricket with attracting more people towards the rich format of the game.

“It is need of the hour, Cricket boards and ICC should come forward to protect the identity of Test cricket. To be honest, cricket has become more of a revenue-generation source. People and stakeholders are more towards T20 cricket,” he said.

Sangakkara also emphasized increasing the pays to the players for Test cricket. “One more factor involves in the devaluation of Test cricket and that is less money. If players get lucrative amounts and incentives to play Test cricket, the interest would increase,” he reiterated.

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