Cricket Diplomacy and the Art of General’s Diplomacy


With ‘cricket’ word don’t guess I am writing about ‘Pak-Bharat TAKRA’ of World cup 2015, or I am discussing this ridiculous phrase i.e. ‘It’s not just a GAME it’s WAR’. My topic is Indo-Pak Cricket diplomacy which certainly does melts the ice between the two countries. Despite the fact that it facilitates the environment of bilateralism between the two neighboring countries yet it does not resolve issues. About Cricket Diplomacy, Gen. (R)Pervez Musharraf in his interview with TimesNow on 29 March 2011 said:

“If we think that it (cricket diplomacy) will lead to resolution of dispute that is another issue. It facilitates resolution. It does not lead to resolution. Cricket diplomacy does not mean that you can resolve disputes just because you attended a match together”

He further said:

“Cricket diplomacy develops personal relations. It only develops understanding between two leaders and that is exactly what happened when I went to watch cricket match in India. There was better understanding between me and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, certainly, which we took forward”

However, before the recent India-Pakistan Worldcup 2015 match he said:

“Cricket diplomacy should be used for betterment of bilateral relations. He said that it should not be used to enhance bitterness and increase the tension”


We have seen what India did with Kashmiri students who cheered for the Pakistani team on its victory against India during Asia Cup 2014. Well said by Gen. (R)Pervez Musharraf about India’s claim of so-called world’s largest democratic country in the world. He said:

“India is the greatest democracy, promoter of human rights and democratic culture’? All bullshit. There are no human rights. The religion itself is anti-human rights. In the rural areas, if even the shadow of an untouchable goes on a pandit, that man can be killed.”

It was Gen.(R)Pervez Musharraf who with his sincerity and firm resolve to solve the key disputes, had this capability to take such bilateral events and opportunities on the way forward towards dialogue, a trait, which is lacked by this so-called democratic politicians! These politicians do not even know the definition of ‘Diplomacy’. What is diplomacy is best answered by Gen.(R)Pervez Musharraf in these words:

“Diplomacy is Art. It is not Science. There are some parameters of this Art which should be considered.

First: Guarding National Interests

Second: Retaining & Guarding Honor and Dignity

Every country whether small or large has its own Honor & Dignity & they guard it.

Third: Ensuring Sovereign Equality

Every country whether small or large has equality in United Nations.

These are parameters that should be considered while dealing with other countries”

With this definition his every action and decision was in the best interest of Pakistan and its people by always putting ‘Pakistan First’! Unfortunately at that time his actions were misunderstood and incorrect facts were presented to the public. Media also played negative role in spreading disinformation by distorting the facts. This Nation is also to be blamed who throughout history continue to put ears and believe on the fake promises and slogans by politicians and when their true colors are revealed, this very Nation look towards Army for rescue. That same Army who when caught with the situation of choosing between the option to save the ‘paper’ i.e. Constitution and ‘land’ i.e. Pakistan, always chose Pakistan! And that was also did by Gen.(R)Pervez Musharraf on 12th October 1999 abiding by this oath at PMA:

“I will go by land, air or sea wherever ordered even to the peril of my life”