Cricket has been hit hardest by effects of the coronavirus: Waqar Younis


Lahore: Pakistan men’s team bowling coach Waqar Younis thinks that the game of cricket has been affected the most by the coronavirus pandemic.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) last week issued new guidelines for the resumption of cricket. Bowlers will need a minimum of two months of practice before they return to play Test cricket. Players and umpires should maintain social distancing on the cricket field.

Celebrations with body contact along with sharing drinks, towels, bottles, and equipment are likely the riskiest elements of contact the virus so it has been strongly discouraged.

“The true essence of cricket will fade away because of coronavirus and cricketers will have to get used to new rules and regulations. Cricket will require a lot of caution, there will be no room for negligence” Waqar said.

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The 48-year-old emphasized that celebrating success is the beauty of the game. “If a batsman or bowler will not celebrate, so it is a huge blow for the game of cricket,” he added.

He also said that the batsmen have already more advantages and with the new rules, bowlers are going to face more difficulties.

“There should be a balance between ball and bat. Disinfecting the ball will harm the bowlers and batsmen will have more benefits,” he maintained.

He also cautioned the bowlers that coming on the cricket field after such a long time will not be easy and putting the workload on them will also be dangerous.

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