Cricket needs to resume behind closed doors: Ramiz Raja


Karachi: Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja has come up in the favor of cricket being played behind closed doors during this lockdown situation.

The renowned commentator has requested to requested Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to talk with the fellow cricket boards about the resumption of cricket.

“I think, cricket industry should reopen as well. PCB needs to talk with the fellow cricket boards to generate cricket activities behind closed doors because now the fans are eager for cricket,” he said in a Youtube video.

“The virus has not hit as much in the SAARC countries as compared to the intensity in the western countries. The PCB can come forward and talk with the Asian block on this,” he added.

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The 57-year-old clarified that how much a cricket board is rich, they cannot pay dues to the system and players in a lockdown situation.

He wants PCB to follow Cricket Australia (CA) as they are trying to hold the upcoming Test series with India behind closed doors.

“Australia is already talking about its series with India later this year and they are trying to organize five Test matches behind closed doors. Pakistan too can start planning about the future as the mindset to reopen everything is already being made and cricket should also be started again. If fans cannot attend then holding it behind closed doors is a great option,” he concluded.

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