Cricket: Nicknames that might surprise you


Cricket has its own charm and flare on and off the field and nicknames of cricketers is one such area. Some of the nicknames are ridiculously hilarious while others reflect the way a player is known to play this wonderful game.

Lets take a look at some of the most popular nicknames in cricketing history

10) Professor Hafeez

Pakistan’s specialist top order batsman and spinner Mohammad Hafeez is popularly known as the ‘Professor’ because according to him he does not talk nonsense during team meetings and discussions and has a firm grip over cricket technicalities and issues. His nick name is now quite popular among his fans.


9) Allan ‘Captain Grumpy’ Border

Australian great Allan Border was quite a friendly character until he lost two back to back Ashes series which made him change his attitude a bit as he stopped being very frank with their opposition. This ultimately helped him win three straight Ashes series against their old foes. For this reason the term Captain Grumpy was coined.

8) Michael ‘Pup’ Clarke

Recently retired Australian skipper Michael Clarke was given the nick ‘Pup’ by the former captain Ricky Ponting because of the childish features the young Clarke had at that time.

7) The Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhtar

Sometimes its extremely easy to coin a nickname and this was the case with the ace Pakistan speedster and world’s fastest bowler Shoaib Akhtar. He belonged to Rawalpindi as well and so the term came up as the ‘Rawalpindi Express’


6) Sir Donald ‘The Don’ Bradman

Australia’s legendary batsman and perhaps the greatest batsman the world has witnessed was famously known as ‘The Don’ because of the massive amounts of runs he scored and a fantastic average of 99.94 in his career.

5) Allan ‘ White lightning’ Donald

Allan Donald was the fastest bowlers in his prime and was known to destroy any batting lineup and hence his nick ‘white lightning’ among the players of his time.

4) Rahul ‘ The wall’ Dravid

Indian great Rahul Dravid was a fantastic players and could relied upon to get India through crunch situations and deny almost any bowling attack to get his wicket and get through his defenses. Thus he was well known as the ‘The wall’ in cricket.

3) ‘King of Spain’ Ashley Giles

This is quite a funny story as Giles county team Warwickshire ordered a few mugs for the team in order to honour the spinner with the words ‘King of Spin’ but when the cups arrived, they were slightly misprinted and instead of the original words it was written ‘King of Spain’ but it was kind of a blessing in disguise as Giles got famous by that nick name.

2) The ‘little master’ Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin was given the term little master because of his high and amazing credentials with the bat and run scoring ability which made him the best batsman of the world. He also scored 100 centuries in international cricket. Interestingly that nick was first given to Sunil Gavaskar but ultimately Sachin became the original contender.


1) Shahid ‘Boom Boom’ Afridi

Shahid Afridi is a world renowned hitter and his popularity was sky high when he announced himself on world stage with a 37 ball century which remained the fastest for almost two decades. He is perhaps the most popular athlete in Pakistan and has wide global following and fans always fancy a thrilling innings from him whenever he comes out to bat.