“Cricket not being played in Pakistan is not really helping the country” Grant Flower


Pakistan batting taken a positive turn in the last year or so which is a pleasant sight from a team which is not renowned for his batting skills. It would be unfair to give all the credit to the players who are in the fore front because their are people in the background who play a vital role in a players’s development. One such person is Pakistan’s batting coach Grant Flower who is a former Zimbabwe batsman and has been working with the team from the past 18 months.

In the last 12 months almost every regular batsman has scored at least one century and most of them average in the high fifties and with loads of runs to their credit. Take a look at Pakistan’s batsman statistics during that span (via ESPNcricinfo)


Flower was talking to ESPNcricinfo, where he talked about his current stint with the Pakistan cricket team.

“At the start I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was quite apprehensive,” he said. “But it has become exciting and I get to work with some great players with great records,

So far it’s been a good record. We have made big scores recently and we were lucky to get away with a draw the other day. If there is any rocket science that I have done with that I am not aware of it. So it’s the basics, they practice hard, hitting a lot of balls in the nets, which gives them a lot of confidence, and the most important thing is fitness.”

He appreciated the way the whole team management and coaching staff was working as a jelled up team and helping in the betterment of the squad as a whole.

“It’s all about little sacrifices off the field. It’s not just me, it’s the fitness person Grant Luden, Brad Robinson the physio has done a good job and then there is Waqar and Mushi. The good thing is everyone offers something a bit different so it’s not just a boring voice in the dressing room.”

Flower also added that the lack of international cricket in Pakistan is not helping the players at all and hoped that things will move towards normality in the future. Home matches help players a lot especially when they are out of form because as soon as you play on conditions you are well acclimatized with, you can quickly regain your lost touch.

“Cricket not being played in Pakistan is not really helping the country,” Flower said.

He also expressed his views about the Pakistan Super League and hoped that it will help the Pakistan players i,e. both domestic and international to improve their quality of cricket and in general the nation will benefit from it as well.

“I hope things are going to be more stable in the coming years and perhaps PSL happening next year will get the players to get a lot more experience which can be really a plus for not only players but for the country”

He appreciated the fact that Misbah and Younis help out a lot as they are the senior pros in the team and are duly respected by their juniors.

“Having Misbah and Younis around takes a lot of pressure away from me. Most importantly they are the role models and I respect them a lot. They are not only great players but great human beings. But everyone has got a different personality.

He also reassured that players in the team are in there because of their performances and if they don’t score their slot will open up for someone else.

“If players are scoring runs they know they will stay in the side but no one has the divine right to play for their country.”