Cricketer Dhoni wastes 15,000 litres of water every day


The neighbors of Indian cricket team captain Dhoni have complained to the authorities that there is great scarcity of water in India but Dhoni is wasting 15000 litres of water every day on his swimming pool maintenance.

Dhoni’s neighbors got the chance to complain against the Indian cricket captain saying that on one side we have many states in India facing extreme water shortage but on the other end we find the cricket team captain wasting 15000 litres of water every day in his farm house located in Ranchi in the state of Jharkhand.

Dhoni’s neighbors approached the state revenue minister and launched a complain in the open court stating that the poor people are suffering due to lack of water while Dhoni’s swimming pool wastes thousands of litres every day.

Dhoni’s neighbors have requested the government to take action against the Indian captain.


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