‘Cricketers can pass sponsors to help other athletes’ Saddam Hussain


Karachi: Pakistan men’s football team captain Saddam Hussain suggested that cricketers can pass on their sponsors to other athletes in the country to support them financially. 

Speaking in ‘ARY Sports GupShup’, Saddam said that other athletes are not as much financially strong as cricketers which is why other sports are on the backfoot. He thinks that if cricketers come up to support athletes in different sports, it can strengthen the image of other sports in the country.

“In my opinion, cricketers are strong enough financially as they get ample sponsors every year. They have a high-class lifestyle and young generation looks up to them and wish to play cricket as it offers a lot of money and fame,” he said.

“If cricketers pass on their sponsors to other athletes such as boxers, footballers, and others, it can help them a lot financially. I have heard a lot about Indian cricketers helping their footballers financially,” he maintained.

On the other hand, Saddam wants the Pakistan Super League (PSL) type model to be introduced for football to create opportunities for footballers in the short-term. “If a PSL type model comes out for footballers, it will be a great deal. Pakistan has a lot of talent in football and I am sure a PSL type model will help in highlighting the talented youngsters,” he concluded.

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