‘I cried till three in the morning’ Kohli shares state rejection story


India captain Virat Kohli has revealed how he cried till three in the morning after being rejected by his stateside Delhi.

The world’s leading batsman shared his story in a live session on Instagram along with his actress wife Anushka Sharma.

“The first time I was rejected in the state selections, I remember it was late at night and I just cried,” Kohli said.

“I howled till about three in the morning and I could not believe it because I scored well and everything was going perfect for me, I performed till I reached that stage and I was rejected,” he added.

The 31-year-old said that he kept asking his coach for about two hours. “I kept asking my coach for two hours, why didn’t it happen but when there is passion and commitment remains, the motivation comes back to you to do great again,” he maintained

Kohli also said that now he knows how to attribute when things are totally against you.”Sometimes you have to bat in a Test match for two hours and score just 20 runs but the team wants you to do that. So you should be able to do that.” he added.

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