Watch: Here is criteria for making your dream cricket pairs


Lahore: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have provided fans a chance to come up with their favorite combinations in the “Dream Pairs” campaign, which starts on 29 April (Wednesday) at 2 pm.

The fans are invited to write down their favorite batting (opening and middle-order) and bowling (pace and spin) pairs from a different generation of cricketers who wore Pakistan’s golden star in Test cricket on the PCB’s social media platforms.

The fans will also be asked to vote for a wicketkeeper who they would want to watch towards the end of the campaign.

These players have been shortlisted on the basis of the number of runs that they have scored on certain positions and the number of their wickets.

The criteria is below:

  • Opening batsmen (position one and two) with minimum 1,000 Test runs as openers
  • Middle-order batsmen (position three to seven) with minimum 2,500 Test runs in the middle-order positions
  • Fast bowlers with a minimum of 75 Test wickets
  • Spinners with a minimum of 75 Test wickets
  • Wicketkeepers with at least 50 Test dismissals