CSA to formally introduce racial quota for national teams

Shukriya Pakistan

Cricket South Africa (CSA) will formally announce the racial quota for all national cricket teams of South Africa. CSA has introduced the target for the national team because of the memorandum they have signed along with other sports federation of the country as well with the sports ministry.

The President of CSA, Chris Nenzani said, “In the past we had never set targets in our national teams but with changing circumstances we feel it is essential to move with the times,” he added, “The precise targets will depend on work to be undertaken by relevant committees to determine what is realistic and sustainable. This will be announced in due course. We will aim to achieve our targets over the course of the year and not on a match-by-match basis.”

Earlier this year in April, Cricket South Africa was banned by their sports ministry from hosting any mega international cricket event as they were unable to meet the transformation requirement. As per the criteria set by their sports ministry earlier, there has be 60% representation of coloured players in the team, while South African cricket team fell short by 5%.