Danish Kaneria seeks BCCI help


Danish Kaneria was banned by the England and Wales Cricket Board in 2012 for tempting the players to indulge into spot fixing during his stint with Essex county.

According to Press Trust of India Kaneria wants BCCI to intervene and link him up with ICC and consequently help him lift the ban.

“I don’t want to make any comments but things have been overstated, misinterpreted in the Indian media. Yes I am very frustrated, hurt and against the wall but I remain a Pakistani,” Kaneria told PTI.

His brother Vicky said that Danish is going through financial crisis and all his accounts are frozen right now which is why he desperately needs our help. He also pointed out Amir’s case and the reaction of Danish Kaneria on it.

“He has faced a bad situation since 2010 and he is frustrated and his financial affairs are very bad. He is managing because we live in a joint family system. But all his accounts remain frozen,” Vicky said.

“You can imagine how he feels watching Mohammad Amir back in the Pakistan team when in 2010 Danish was on tour with them in England and witnessed all that happened there,” Vicky said.


He added that it is disappointing to see the way PCB handled his case because he wants a proper hearing at a tribunal in order to prove his innocence.

“What surprises me is the way my case has been put aside after the life ban was imposed on me,” Kaneria said.

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