Day-Night Test is the need of time, says Ramiz Raja

Ramiz Raja
Shukriya Pakistan

DUBAI: Pakistan’s former cricket captain Ramiz Raja thinks day-night Test is the need of time and we’ll have to accept this change.

While expressing his views during the Test match, Ramiz Raja said a need was being felt particularly in the south Asian region for the day-night Tests as people didn’t have much time to spare and the spectators had started losing interest.

He said cricket is a game of spectators whatever earning are made or super stars produced depends on the fans and spectators and if majority of them start losing interest then such changes can be brought in to attract the crowd.

Ramiz said Test cricket is not just confined to the season as in the early days, rather it’s being played round the year, therefore day-night Tests matches have become more essential and we need to accept this change.

He said this is just a beginning and we still need to see how far it becomes successful by watching the reaction of players on the use of pink ball but there should be an endeavor by every Test playing country to include day-night Test match in their schedule.

Ramiz Raja firmly believes that day-night Test is going to stay there and the impression that it might hurt Test cricket is absolutely wrong.