Different captains in all formats make Arthur’s job tougher


Pakistan’s new head coach, Mickey Arthur feels that he can make a difference in Pakistan cricket knowing the fact that it is an extremely challenging job and that’s the reason he took it.

“What appeals to me is the actual challenge of it,” said Arthur while talking to Pakpassion. “I think it’s a massive challenge and I do enjoy challenges for my sins. I think this is a challenge that is right up there and one where I feel like I can really make a difference.”

Arthur believes that having different captains in all of the three formats will make his job a bit trickier. According to him, two captains in three formats are probably better and he might reconsider the current plan of having different leaders in all formats.

“Yes, it does [make my job] a little bit [difficult] to be honest,” said Arthur. “We will assess that. I’ll go in and have a look and discuss it with Inzamamul Haq and see what he thinks is the best way forward and we’ll go from there.”

“Ideally you want two captains as a maximum across the three formats. That’s something we will look at, even if it’s three different captains that can be fine. We will do whatever we think is best,” said the South African.

Arthur has also pointed out that absence of Pakistani players from the world leading T20 league, IPL, is costing Pakistan in the 20 over cricket.

“You learn a lot from franchise cricket tournaments and I think that could be playing a large role,” he added, “Yes, it’s probably right that not playing in the IPL could be affecting the performances of the Pakistan team in the twenty-over format.”

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