‘We are disappointed’ Nepalese footballers on PFF House incident


KARACHI: Nepalese footballers Saru Limbu and Anjila Tumbapo Subba expressed their disappointment over the illegitimate occupation of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) headquarters.

Speaking exclusively to ARY News, the Nepalese footballers said they came to Pakistan with the hope to win the tournament for their team. “Today, our team Masha United withdrew from National Women’s Football Championship due to the current situation in the PFF,” Limbu said.

“We are very disappointed in the current circumstances as it has affected the game a lot. NWFC got postponed and we lost hope for a good finish of the event,” she added.

Subba said that the people should think of the interest of footballers instead of personal interest. “We have never seen this before. I hope the people who have taken over the charge should have thought about the game,” she highlighted.

It must be noted here that Syed Ashfaq Hussain-led group took over the PFF house charge forcefully from the FIFA-installed Normalisation Committee. Later on, FIFA reacted on this matter and warned the Ashfaq-led group to return PFF headquarters to the NC within a day.

Ashfaq, who was elected PFF president after winning the elections conducted under the supervision of the Supreme Court, refused to return the office which leads Pakistan on a verge of international suspension once again.

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