Watch: Do you know how Darren Sammy writes Urdu on Twitter?


Karachi: West Indies’s former captain Darren Sammy has revealed the secret behind writing messages for Pakistanis in Urdu on Twitter. 

Sammy, while talking at the National Stadium Karachi (NSK), talked about his eye-catching style on Twitter when he wrote all his messages for fans while on his way from West Indies to Pakistan.

“I have a google translator where I write my message in English and it translates into Urdu and Pushto,” Sammy said upon being asked about this idea.

The former West Indian cricketer is excited to be in Pakistan once again and also did his first training session at NSK. He is the first foreign player to arrive in the country to play the upcoming fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

“It is exciting to be here once again. Its a great country and I liked playing here since I toured last in 2017 to play the final of PSL 2,” he said. “Pakistan is like my second home and I have already said this many times,” he highlighted.