Pakistan won by 2 wickets against Sri Lanka

Pakistan lost four wickets while chasing 125

Shadab Khan has changed the game, Pakistan won by 2 wickets with 1 ball remaining

(19.4) SIX! Magnificent shot by Shadab Khan, hoists it straight down the ground!

Hasan Ali to take bat now

(19.1) OUT! Faheem Ashraf lost his wicket in search of a boundary.

Final over! Pakistan need 12 runs to win

Over 19 – Pakistan 113/7 Shadab Khan (7*) Faheem Ashraf (4*)

Over 18 – Pakistan 109/7 Shadab Khan (5*) Faheem Ashraf (3*)

Shadab Khan comes in to bat

(17.4) WICKET! The skipper is gone, huge wicket for Pakistan at this crucial moment

(17.1) OUT! Perera traps Imad Wasim, lbw! Awful shot from Imad – he’s trying to sweep a proper yorker

Over 17 – Pakistan 100/5 Sarfraz Ahmed (27*) Imad Wasim (2*)

Hundred comes up for Pakistan, 25 runs away to win

(15.6) OUT! down to the Sri Lankan captain at long-on and he takes it cleanly! Hafeez departs

Pakistan need 35 off 30 balls

Over 15 – Pakistan 90/4  Sarfraz Ahmed (21*) Mohammad Hafeez (13*)

Over 13 – Pakistan 71/4  Sarfraz Ahmed (10*) Mohammad Hafeez (9*)

Over 12 – Pakistan 64/4  Sarfraz Ahmed (5*) Mohammad Hafeez (7*)

Over 11 – Pakistan 59/4  Sarfraz Ahmed (3*) Mohammad Hafeez (4*)

Pakistan is struggling to chase the target while Sri Lankan bowlers keep chipping the wickets.

(10.1) WICKET! Edge and gone! Shoaib Malik, big wicket for Pakistan

Pakistan need 70 off 60 balls

Over 10 – Pakistan 55/3  Shoaib Malik (9*) Mohammad Hafeez (3*)

Over 9 – Pakistan 51/3  Shoaib Malik (7*) Mohammad Hafeez (1*)

Hafeez is the new batsman, Pakistan batting is now surrounded with the experienced players

(8.4) WICKET!  excellent take, Shanaka! Pulled off a superb save earlier in the over to keep Shehzad on strike, now completes the catch that sends him back

Over 8 – Pakistan 47/2  Shoaib Malik (7*) Ahmed Shehzad (25*)

Over 7 – Pakistan 44/2  Shoaib Malik (6*) Ahmed Shehzad (23*)

Over 6 – Pakistan 39/2  Shoaib Malik (3*) Ahmed Shehzad (21*)

Over 5 – Pakistan 31/2  Shoaib Malik (1*) Ahmed Shehzad (17*)

(4.1) OUT! Another one, lbw, Bad luck for Babar Azam as the ball misses the leg stump

Over 4 – Pakistan 31/1 Babar Azam (1*) Ahmed Shehzad (17*)

(3.5) OUT! A misunderstanding between the batsman gets Sri Lanka first wicket. Fakhar Zaman gone!

(3.1) FOUR! essentially a pretty good ball – is absolutely punished, roomed outside leg stump by Ahmed Shehzad

Over 3 – Pakistan 23/0 Fakhar Zaman (9*) Ahmed Shehzad (12*)

(2.5) FOUR! Lovely shot with a new bat and it’s a boundary for Fakhar

Over 2 – Pakistan 16/0 Fakhar Zaman (3*) Ahmed Shehzad (11*)

(1.5) FOUR! Pace on the ball and smash through offside, Ahmed Shehzad keeps the strike

Over 1 – Pakistan 7/0 Fakhar Zaman (1*) Ahmed Shehzad (5*)

Fakhar Zaman and Ahmed Shehzad starts the proceedings for Pakistan, Vikum Sanjaya bowls the first over

End of the bizarre inning, Sri Lanka 124/9

Last over to go!

Over 19 – Sri Lanka 117/8 SS Pathirana (0*) Priyanjan (0*)

(18.6) OUT! Yes! he has done it, Faheem Ashraf angling into middle stump and that’s a hat-trick

(18.5) WICKET! Faheem Ashraf is on a Hatrick, Babar Azam caught the bowl near to the boundary

(18.4) WICKET! Pakistan bowlers are now in command, Faheem’s slower bouncer angling into the batsman

Over 18 – Sri Lanka 111/5 Shanaka (1*) Udana (0*)

(17.5) WICKET! Wonderful catch by the substitute, Hasan Ali back in action as he gets Sri Lankan skipper

(17.2) WICKET! full, close to off stump, driven firmly to mid-off, and Prasanna has to dive to make the bowler’s end. Another direct hit and this one goes to the third umpire. He’s gone, by a couple of inches. Not sure who the fielder was, but anyway, that’s Sri Lanka’s third run-out. Mohammad Nawaz was the fielder – not sure who he’s subbing for

Over 17 – Sri Lanka 109/3 NLTC Perera (1*) S Prasanna (1*)

(16.5) WICKET!  A quicker ball by Shahdab Khan, at 116kph, slanting away from off stump. Gunathilaka after a great inning has been dismissed

(16.2) WICKET! Once again it’s a run out, Samarawickrama this time 

Over 16 – Sri Lanka 106/1 Samarawickrama (32*)  MD Gunathilaka (51*)

(15.3) FOUR! smash. Floated up slow on middle stump, and he gets his front leg out of the way to heave it away, over midwicket

Fifty! Sensational batting by Gunathilakahe sprints through to the other end to bring up his first T20I fifty

Over 15 – Sri Lanka 98/1 Samarawickrama (26*)  MD Gunathilaka (49*)

Over 14 – Sri Lanka 95/1 Samarawickrama (25*)  MD Gunathilaka (47*)

Over 13 – Sri Lanka 86/1 Samarawickrama (19*)  MD Gunathilaka (45*)

(12.5) FOUR! Sri Lanka batting is in command today short outside off, Gunathilaka swivels nicely to pull through midwicket.

(12.3) FOUR! Extra cover boundary, superb shot by Samarawickrama slaps it up

Good over by Hafeez.

Over 12 – Sri Lanka 73/1 Samarawickrama (13*)  MD Gunathilaka (38*)

Over 11 – Sri Lanka 69/1 Samarawickrama (12*)  MD Gunathilaka (35*)

Imad Waseem is back with bowl

Over 10 – Sri Lanka 61/1 Samarawickrama (12*)  MD Gunathilaka (29*)

Over 9 – Sri Lanka 55/1 Samarawickrama (8*)  MD Gunathilaka (27*)

Faheem Ashraf is the new bowler

Over 8 – Sri Lanka 48/1 Samarawickrama (3*)  MD Gunathilaka (25*)

Over 7 – Sri Lanka 45/1 Samarawickrama (1*)  MD Gunathilaka (24*)

(6.4) WICKET! Direct hit by Imad Wasim and EMDY Munaweera has to go back to Pavilion

Over 6 – Sri Lanka 42/0 EMDY Munaweera (19*)  MD Gunathilaka (22*)

(5.3) Six! that’s a sensational shot by Gunathilaka

Hasan Ali to bowl next over

Over 5 – Sri Lanka 34/0 EMDY Munaweera (18*)  MD Gunathilaka (15*)

Over 4 – Sri Lanka 27/0 EMDY Munaweera (14*)  MD Gunathilaka (11*)

(3.6) FOUR! back foot and timely played by Munaweera, good start by openers so far!

(3.1) FOUR! Another one, Sri lanka seems so aggressive today.

Over 3 – Sri Lanka 16/0 EMDY Munaweera (5*)  MD Gunathilaka (10*)

(2.2) FOUR, Munaweera, this time, he quickly gets down on one knee to sweep to the left of short fine leg

Over 1 – Sri Lanka 9/0 EMDY Munaweera (0*)  MD Gunathilaka (9*)

(1.2) FOUR, back of a length, slanting in towards off stump.

Over 1 – Sri Lanka 1/0 EMDY Munaweera (0*)  MD Gunathilaka (1*)

Very first ball of the game, Imad Wasim is the bowler

Second T20I, Pakistan won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Pakistan team defeated Sri Lanka by seven wickets to win the first Twenty20 international in Abu Dhabi, taking a 1-0 lead in the three-match series.

After the demoralizing ODI whitewash, Sri Lanka’s full side would have grappled to compete with the hosts. But as Sarfraz Ahmed’s men put the finishing touches on the most routine of wins, it was impossible not to feel Sri Lanka may face a similar fate in the shortest format.

Pakistan: Ahmed Shehzad, Fakhar Zaman, Babar Azam, Mohammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik, Sarfraz Ahmed (capt, wk), Imad Wasim, Faheem Ashraf, Shadab Khan, Hasan Ali, Usman Khan.

Sri Lanka: Dilshan Munaweera, Danushka Gunathilaka, Sadeera Samarawickrama, Mahela Udawatte, Ashan Priyanjan, Dasun Shanaka, Seekkuge Prasanna, Thisara Perera (capt.), Sachith Pathirana, Jeffrey Vandersay, Lahiru Gamage.

The last match of the three matches series will be played in Lahore on Sunday.