‘Don’t have enough time to interrupt in team’s selection’ Wasim Akram


KARACHI: Former Test cricketer Wasim Akram bashed people who are accusing him of having a major influence on running cricket matters in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). 

Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, Akram said he has nothing to do with the team’s selection or any other matter in the PCB.

“I don’t have enough time to call Mohammad Wasim and ask him to play this player or that player. I literally don’t have time to interrupt in team’s selection,” he said.

“And, people who are spreading such news are useless. Their only work is to spread such baseless things and nothing else,” he added.

Meanwhile, Akram said Wasim is the right choice for the chief selector’s post. “I don’t know why people are criticizing him so much. The rift between captain and chief selector on selection is not something new” he stressed.

It must be noted here that Akram is a member of PCB’s Cricket Committee which is supposed to advise the chairman on cricket matters. Several reports claim that Akram has a backdoor influence on running cricket matters in the PCB.

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