DRS becomes favorable for bowlers after amendment


After so long, bowlers have received some benefit as the International Cricket Council has amended rules in the Decision Review System (DRS) regarding LBW in the recently held ICC meeting in Edinburgh.

The issue of DRS rule of upholding the umpire’s call if 50 percent of the ball is hitting or missing the ball was being heavily criticized and as a result it was discussed in the ICC meeting. Now, after alteration, the chances of overturning an umpire’s call will be brighter.

The International Cricket Council released a statement that explained the rule, “During its meetings the ICC approved a change to the DRS playing condition relating to the LBW umpire’s call,” the release said.

“The size of the zone inside which half the ball needs to hit for a not-out decision to be reversed to out will increase, changing to a zone bordered by the outside of off and leg stumps, and the bottom of the bails (formerly the centre of off and leg stumps, and the bottom of the bails).”

“This amendment will come into effect from October 1 (or from the start of any series using DRS that commences just prior to this date).”

There have been a number of controversial DRS decisions during the test series between Sri Lanka and England that proved to be match changing and the Sri Lankan batting legends, Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene criticized it openly.