ECB extends financial support to cricket clubs


Manchester: The England Cricket Board (ECB) has set a budget of £61 million to help cricket withstand the financial impact of COVID-19. 

According to the details, MCC, the First-Class Counties (FCCs), and their County Cricket Boards (CCBs) can take advantage of the newly introduced funding schemes. The application process has been started.

With revenues impacted across the game – from both cricket and non-cricket activities, the ECB Board today approved plans to expedite payments from a number of areas within its 2020-2021 planned distribution budgets.

Around £40m will be made immediately available through:

• Early release of three months’ (May-July) county partnership distributions to FCCs and CCBs

• The immediate availability of two years’ facilities maintenance distribution

– Funds available unfettered and not restricted to facilities maintenance expenditure

– A further £5.5m to be made available for counties who are not eligible for 2020-2021 ordinary facilities maintenance distributions

• Suspension of international staging fees for four months and waiving of international staging fees payable in 2020 if the match is not played as scheduled due to COVID-19

An extra budget of just over £20m will become available to the recreational game through a cricket club support loan scheme, grants through the “Return to Cricket” scheme, and a 12-month holiday on loan repayments for recreational clubs.

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