England decided not to enforce the follow-on due to pitch, says Farbrace


England assistant coach Paul Farbrace has revealed that the condition of the pitch was the main reason behind not enforcing the follow on despite the huge lead.

Paul added that he wanted to make use of the good pitch and make Pakistan bat on it for the final time rather than chasing down the total themselves in the fourth innings.

“[We wanted to] bat while the wicket is still very good, and it is a very good pitch still. We were thinking we might as well get our runs now, rather that put ourselves under pressure if we had to bat again having bowled them out a second time,” Farbrace told Sky Sports after play.

“It’s a very simple plan and, of course, you understand, there are lots of opinions and you could have easily gone either way. But hopefully in the next two days we’ll be proven right.

“We’re in a great position and very much in the driving seat of this game. We’ve played excellent cricket for three days and certainly having bounced back from Lord’s, we’re pleased with the way we’ve gone.

“We just think that by keeping Pakistan under pressure and batting again, putting on a very big lead on the board, we really are in the best position. So there’s no point putting ourselves under pressure at any stage in the game that we’re dominating.

“I can easily understand people wanting us to go the other way. There was discussion. You’re going to live and die by the decisions you make. We think we’ve made the right decision and hopefully tomorrow that will be proved the right thing to have done.”

England bowled out Pakistan for a mere total of 198 runs and led by 391 runs but to everyone’s surprise the English skipper Cook decided to bat again rather than enforcing the follow on.

England are 98/1 in the second innings and lead by 489 runs and they would be looking to add more runs to their total on Monday morning, in quick time, and put Pakistan into bat. With the weather condition in sight with considerate amount of chances of rain England will look to end this game before it’s too late.