Watch: Erin Holland applauses Pakistani people for amazing hospitality


Karachi: Former Miss World Australia Erin Holland enjoyed the great hospitality in Pakistan on her second trip to the cricket-loving nation. 

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 5 presenter took to Twitter after this year’s PSL ended halfway due to the current World pandemic. She, in a video with fellow presenter Kais Naidoo and commentator Michael Slater, applauded the hospitality of Pakistanis.

“This was my second trip to Pakistan and I really enjoyed every moment of it. People loved us so much and the hospitality was amazing,” she said.

Naidoo, who was doing his first PSL, enjoyed the crowd across all four centres which hosted matches. “It was a great experience doing PSL for the first time. The crowd was amazing and it was one of the best working experiences for me,” Naidoo applauded.

Slater expressed disappointment over non-completion of the event but praised the quality of work and efforts put in by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). “It was disappointing that we didn’t get into the finals but PCB made a great effort to make this event at this level in such circumstances,” he said.