‘Set a goal, work hard to achieve it,’ Fakhar advises young cricketers

'Set a goal, work hard to achieve it,' Fakhar advises young cricketers

Fakhar Zaman, the man of the match for Pakistan in the all important ICC Champions Trophy final against India, has advised budding cricketers to set the goal and plan for it rather than finding a short cut.

Fakhar scored a mesmerizing century against the arch-rivals in the crucial game that helped Pakistan set a mammoth total for Virat Kohli & Co.

“Set a goal, plan for it and then work hard to achieve that,” said Fakhar Zaman while talking to ARY Sports, who left Navy to become a cricketer.

He believes that to achieve something in life, you need firmly plan for it and work accordingly. As per the former Navy sailor, there is nothing like shortcut for success in life.

“Plan for the goal and avoid finding any short cut for that. Whoever looks for shortcuts cannot be successful in life.

“The harder you work for attaining your goal, the easier it will become for you,” he added.

He further told that Navy training has played a huge role in his success as a cricketer.

“When I started playing cricket in Navy at an age of 17 years, I used to have tough training those days, at dawn, in evening and at night, which has helped me develop my fitness,” he said.