Famous cricket rivalries


The rivalries in sports are an important part of the game and cricket has many such rivalries. Some of them are more intense as compared to other and three of the top ones are discussed below.

Arch rivals Pakistan and India

The cricket rivalry between Pakistan and India is probably one of the biggest cricketing rivalries going around and emotions tend to run high when these two side meet. Although on an overall basis Pakistan have the upperhand in this rivalry but when it comes to ICC mega events it is the men in blue who have repeatedly outclassed the green shirts.

Head to Head- Test matches

Played 59

Won by Pakistan 12

Won by India 09

Drawn 38

Head to Head- ODI matches 

Played 127

Won by Pakistan 72

Won by India 51

No result 4

Head to Head- T20 Internationals 

Played 7

Won by India 6

Won by Pakistan 1


Ashes- Australia and England

One of the oldest rivalry in the entire cricket history is between Australia and England and it dates back to 1882 when the term ‘Ashes’ first originated. The teams which wins the Ashes series is presented with an ‘Urn’ which constitutes the ashes of a wooden bail.

Head to Head- Test matches 

Played 341

Won by England 108

Won by Australia 140

Drawn 93



South Africa vs Australia

The Proteas and Kangaroos have shared quite an intense rivalry since the 1990s but during the last 5 years the rivalry has reached a whole new level which is why whenever these two sides meet there is a sense of expectation that a entertaining and competitive contest will take place.

Head to Head- Test matches

Matches played 91

Won by South Africa 21

Won by Australia 50

Drawn 20

Head to Head- ODI

Matches played 88

Won by South Africa 39

Won by Australia 46

Tied 3

Head to Head- T20 Internationals 

Matches played 16

Won by South Africa 10

Won by Australia 6