Farhan Faruqui, Canadian-Pakistani Pro Wrestler


Born in Toronto, Canada and of Kashmiri Butt clan heritage Farhan (aged 35) aims to make it as a WWE superstar professional wrestler. He is 5 foot 7 tall, weighs 235 pounds and his finishing move is the reverse cross face cradle.

Farhan originates from the same clan as the ‘Great Gama Pehalwan’ the undefeated world heavyweight champion crowned in 1910.

As a young boy he was inspired by fellow Canadian Bret the Hitman Hart. He was selected to the school wrestling team and later joined the tough Cabbagetown Wrestling Club, Toronto spending four years learning his craft the hard way.


Farhan next was handpicked by the head coach of University of Guelph’s wrestling team Doug Cox, an ex-Canadian Olympian. Farhan’s amateur wrestling career there continued to flourish winning many medals along the way and making it to the national qualifiers.

Farhan also went onto to play Kabaddi at club and international level for Canada, travelling to Germany for a tournament.

He also managed to find time to represent Pakistan’s National team for the Wrestling Commonwealth Games in London, Ontario, Canada in 2007 competing in three matches against South Africa, Canada and India.

After a year at the Squared Circle Training School, Farhan got his break for professional wrestling, after being spotted by Tiger Jeet Singh, who compared him to Kurt Angle.


In 2011 he was given the opportunity to train for the prestigious WWE development centre in Florida. This was a finishing school, under the watchful eye of coach and former professional wrestler Norman Smiley. He toured long distances day to day for matches.

After a break due to health problems Farhan returned to the ring at the Battle Arts Facility, Mississauga, Canada under the guidance of Japanese wrestling legend Yuki Ishikawa and Santino Marella of the WWE. Here he learns the ‘shoot style’ of grappling.

He has also visited the NWA Charlotte North Carolina wrestling camp for further training with professionals.

What is Farhan’s dream? He wants to be the first ever Pakistani to make it to the WWE as a professional wrestling superstar.

I wish him all the best and hope he fulfils his dreams.