Farhan Mehboob wins President Gold Cup International Squash Tournament

Farhan Mehboob wins President Gold Cup International Squash Tournament
Farhan Mehboob
Shukriya Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Farhan Mehboob won the President Gold Cup International Squash Tournament after defeating Hong Kong’s Leo Au by 3-2 in the final played in Islamabad.

Farhan defeated the top seed Leo Au in the first two frames by 4/11, 4/11, but, his opponent made a comeback in the next frames and defeated the local boy by 11/8 and 12/10.

The game was to be decided in the final frame, where Farhan completely dominated his opponent and won it by 11/3.

Farhan lifted the trophy and won a cash prize of $25,000.

The 28-year old squash player talked to ARY Sports after the win and revealed that he does not take any player or round lightly, he plays every game with the same passion as if he is playing a final.

“No player was tough and every player was here to win,” said Farhan. “I take every player seriously. I play even the first round as if I am playing the final round,” he added.

Talking about his opponent in the final, Farhan told that he knew he will be a tough man to beat.

“Leo Au has beaten many top players, recently he defeated world no.4, it was in my mind that it will be hard to win against him,” he told.

The win in this tournament will give his ranking a boost. He won a couple of tournaments that took him from 187th position to 63rd spot, this victory is likely to improve his ranking further and get him a place in top 50.

The top 50 players of the world get privilege of getting a direct entry in big tournaments without playing qualifying rounds.

Farhan Mehboob made it clear that he has no intention of leaving the country for better opportunities as the love he has gotten from Pakistan is unmatched.

“The kind respect one gets from his own country cannot be compared by the respect from any other country,” said the 28-year old.

“Pakistan is a country where everyone appreciates you whether you do good or not,” he told. “I realized it today when I won, everyone had good wishes for me and the way they were supporting me during the game was incredible. I am very happy with the result,” he concluded.

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