Fawad Alam is keen to knock doors with performance


Out-of-favor batsman Fawad Alam said that he will keep on knocking the doors of selectors with his strong performance at the domestic level.

While talking to the media in Karachi, Fawad highlighted the like and dislike culture in the system. “It is not something new. We all know about favoritism in this system. However, I am confident that one day I will be in the team,” he said.

Fawad thinks that a player’s responsibility is to play cricket and remain positive in every matter. “Being a cricketer, I try to focus on my game. I believe in god and I know my hard work will pay off for me. And if I start thinking about like and dislike and other matters so it will affect my performance,” he maintained.

It is pertinent to mention here that Fawad has an average of 55.80 in first-class cricket with over 11000 runs. He has recently struck the 32nd century.