Fazal Elahi bags bronze in South Asian Body Building Championship


Pakistan’s Fazal Elahi bagged the bronze medal in Asian Body Building Championship in Katmandu on Saturday.

Sialkot’s Faheem Abbas also joined Fazal to clinch the bronze medal in the 100Kg category of the event in the capital of Nepal.

As many as 30 contestants from eight countries participated in the high-profile event which spread over three days.

Mohammad Saeed of Quetta pursed silver medal in the 90Kg category of the event. Usman Umar won gold in fitness physique category.

Fazal, on his achievement, said that it was a golden opportunity for them to hoist the flag of Pakistan and they made the most of it.

“For us, it was an all-time opportunity and we hold it from both hands,” Fazal said who will also participate in Mr. World competition in November.

Quetta’s Saeed was of the view that the competition has given them confidence and they will try to achieve many more for Pakistan in the future.

“The competition was tough but we held our nerves high and finished the event on high,” Saeed said.