‘FIFA should give us some time’ urges IPC Minister Fehmida Mirza


ISLAMABAD: The Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination, Fehmida Mirza urged FIFA to give some time to resolve the two-party dispute for Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)’s charge. 

Speaking to reporters on this matter, the federal minister said that Pakistani footballers will suffer if FIFA puts a ban once again.

“FIFA should give us some time to resolve this matter. Putting a ban will let footballers suffer once again,” she said.

Fehmida shared that she has contacted both the in-dispute parties and asked them to resolve this issue internally for the sake of football in Pakistan. “I have contacted both the parties and asked them to settle this issue through dialogues. I assure you that the group which took charge of PFF has nothing to do with the government. They had to respect FIFA’s mandate and should have waited for June. I want them to vacate the FIFA house,” she mentioned.

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The minister also shared that she had written letters to FIFA to send their fact-finding mission to Pakistan to conduct free and fair elections. “I want this game to prevail in the country as there is a lot of talent here, especially in remote areas. For football, you don’t need such a big infrastructure,” she said.

“I had written letters to FIFA to send their fact-finding mission to Pakistan and conduct free and fair elections. We also want clarity on the federation to promote this game further in the country,” she concluded.

It must be noted here that Syed Ashfaq Hussain’s group allegedly took charge of the PFF. FIFA-installed Normalisation Committee (NC)’s chairman Haroon Malik claimed that Ashfaq-led group forcefully took charge of FIFA house.

Later on, FIFA reacted on this matter and warned the Ashfaq-led group to return PFF headquarters to the NC within a day otherwise harsh sanctions will be imposed on Pakistan.

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