‘FIFA’s financial support is needed for players, officials’ says PFF


Karachi: The chairman of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)’s Normalization Committee (NC), Hamza Khan, disclosed that they have requested FIFA for financial support to help players and officials amid nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus epidemic.

Speaking to reporters via teleconference on Saturday, Khan said that NC’s mandate is to conduct elections to elect the new PFF’s governing body but they understand the current circumstances where the players and officials are suffering through the financial crisis.

“PFF is not financially stable at this moment. NC has got a very limited fund even for conducting the PFF’s election, which is our actual mandate, so with such financial condition how can we think of contributing to something else,” he said.

“We own our players, coaches, and referees who are under financial crisis due to the current situation. We have already requested FIFA and Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to extend some financial support so that we can help our football family. If they give us a special fund for this cause, we would definitely make sure to help those in need,” he added.

Meanwhile, Khan emphasized on non-financial measures which they are working on to play their part in fighting with widely-spread COVID-19.

“NC is working with FIFA’s partner the World Health Organization (WHO) to launch an awareness programme. We have also offered our Quetta Goal project to Pakistan’s government in these testing times,” he concluded.

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