‘FIFA’s recognition is a confident booster’ says PFF Normalisation Committee


Karachi: Hamza Khan, the chairman of FIFA appointed Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)’s Normalization Committee (NC), said that the world’s football governing body’s recognition has given them the confidence to put more effort to bring back football on track in the country.  

In a statement released by the PFF, Khan said that they have been putting all efforts to fight with the ongoing tough situation due to COVID-19. He said that the NC aims to conduct the election as soon as possible.

“The FIFA statement is a validation of the work the NC is doing to fulfill its mandate of bringing football back on track in Pakistan. I would like to reiterate that we want to hold elections as soon as possible and leave the PFF to the elected representatives,” he said.

It must be noted here that FIFA recognized NC’s work to manage things amid nationwide lockdown. “In terms of the work done by the PFF Normalisation Committee, we have seen encouraging developments as the Committee has been working hard to fulfill its mandate within a challenging environment,” FIFA said in a statement.

NC’s chairman further talked about the reconstitution of the Provincial NCs. “We have tried our best to replace certain members with alleged links to either faction. We’re making our best efforts to remove people who have any personal or business links with any of the football stakeholders. FIFA is in the loop with all the decisions that we take,” he maintained.

Moreover, Khan disclosed that all the funding they get from FIFA is being audited and for each and every expenditure, approval is sought from the world body.

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