First Board chairpersons to meet PCB officials on Saturday


Lahore: The chairpersons of the First Boards will hold a meeting with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials at the National High-Performance Centre on Saturday.

The officials will discuss the next 12 months objectives. In addition, the PCB domestic team will be presenting the domestic structure and plans to each of the six Boards in the coming week.

During the meeting, the PCB will present the PCB Constitution 2019, club registration process and domestic cricket structure, besides discussing various appointments as part of the administrative setup.

The First Boards were notified on 5 March for a one-year period during which they will carry out functions attributed to the management committees in the Model Constitutions for City Cricket and Cricket Associations.

This includes managing and running day-to-day affairs, supervising the first registration of Cricket Clubs under each City Cricket Association as per applicable regulations/bylaws and monitoring and organizing cricket events and activities within their respective jurisdictions.

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