Five facts about Mohammad Irfan on his birthday


The tallest fast bowler to ever play the game Mohammad Irfan is celebrating his 34th birthday today. Since making his debut in 2010 against England Irfan has slowly made himself as one of Pakistan’s top ranked fast bowler and is vital part of Pakistan’s side in ODIs and T20s. Currently Irfan has 81 wickets in ODI matches and 15 wickets in T20 matches.

On his birthday it is the opportune moment to look at some of the relatively unknown facts about Mohammad Irfan.

Hails from Gaggu Mandi 

Mohammad Irfan hails from Gaggu Mandi which is a small town located 250 km from Lahore. It is the same town from which the talented and fast Mohammad Zahid also came through and represented Pakistan in international matches.

Ardent badminton and basketball fan

Back in the day Irfan was fond of playing basketball and badminton alongside cricket and his height really helped him as it is of pivotal importance especially in basketball.

Close to enlisting in the Pakistan Army 

Mohammad Irfan was close to joining the Pakistan Army, according to his father, and even trained with them for a while but his love for cricket ensured that he became a cricketer rather than an Army soldier.

Ran a poultry farm and worked in a PVC pipe factory 

Before playing international cricket for Pakistan, Irfan ran poultry farm with his father and also worked at a PVC pipe making factory to earn a living.

Specially made bed (charpai)

Due to his height a specially modified bed (charpai) was made for Mohammad Irfan in order help him sleep well during the night.


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