Former cricketers express displeasure on Younus’s egoistic behavior


Lahore: Former cricketers express their displeasure on Younus Khan’s egoistic behavior. Waqar Younus terms it as an immoral action.

According to details Waqar Younus lashed out at Younus Khan on his aggressive behavior against umpires decisions and quitting the Pakistan cup in the middle of the tournament. The former head coach had to face a similar situation last year when the senior player took an unexpected decision of announcing his retirement from ODI cricket after the very first match in the England series. The former pacer in an interview said that in any tournament such decisions should never be announced which create chaos within the team. The presence of a senior batsman in the dressing room gives lot of hopes to the young players to gain confidence and improve their performance. Younus has set a very bad example for them, honestly speaking I would call his decision an unethical and immoral action.

Former skipper Amir Sohail said PCB was unable to take proper decisions regarding Younus Khan. His protest remains a big question mark on Pakistan cricket, we’ll have to find out why was the former captain forced to take this extreme step. He said the way matters are being run in PCB, it is quite likely that such events of breaking disciplines would keep happening.
Issuing show cause notices is just an eye wash. We need to dig out the crux of the matter to avoid such situations to happen where a senior player at the end of his career reaches a point of extreme disappointment.

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