Former Mr. Musclemania Salman Ahmad blasts his critics


Pakistani bodybuilder, Salman Ahmad, who won the Mr. Musclemania contest last year in Las Vegas could not defend his title successfully and ended up at the fourth position.

Salman Ahmad responded to his critics by posting a video on Facebook, who were not impressed by the outcome of the tournament as the athlete finished at fourth position.

The former Mr. Musclemania said in the posted video that Pakistanis should support and encourage their countrymen, who are competing in such international contests.

Salman said in the video, “I did my best and worked hard to reach where I am today,” he added, “Not everyone knows what we go through when we maintain our diet carefully for six months at a time.”

But, the athlete also thanked the ones who supported him all the way and requested all his fans to always portray a positive image of Pakistan, “I would like to thank all those who prayed for me and supported me,” he said. “And, I can only request people back home to not tarnish my reputation and my image.”

Salman went to Vegas last year alone, he didn’t have any manager, coach or promoter with him due to lack of financial resources.

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