Former Pakistan cricketers annoyed at team’s defeat


Lahore: Pakistan team’s defeat in Auckland annoys former cricketers. Wasim Akram says “if the team is unable to perform either the coach or the captain has to leave, questions will also be raised on Azhar Ali’s captaincy.

According to details former cricketers were highly critical about Green Shirts defeat in Auckland. In an interview Wasim Akram said its always harmful not to have a regular 5th bowler but if the team doesn’t perform well, either the coach or the captain has to go, now Azhar Ali’s captaincy would also be challenged.


Former pacer Shoaib Akhtar said the team players will have to show responsibility. On such an easy wicket Pakistan should have scored 125 in the last 19 overs, Wahab Riaz and Amir have shown a disappointing performance and the players will have to take responsibility. The target of 290 in Auckland was not enough, he further said “you blame your luck only when you don’t play well.”

Abdul Qadir said Pakistan team disappoints in batting and bowling as well. The middle order batting should have played responsibly to put up a good score, had the tail enders kept playing to complete the overs the Green Shirts could have scored 325 runs. At some important occasions the bowlers also keep making big mistakes facilitating the opponent to dominate, but there is nobody to make the bowlers understand to make use of their capabilities. Abdul Qadir came very hard on people drawing fat salaries in PCB, he said, what work are these people doing? its useless discussing problems with such people in the Board running cricket affairs who have no sense or experience of this game, how can you expect the team to develop. We can either request the government or the Prime Minister to get rid of such people.

Ramiz Raja said, today luck didn’t favor Pakistan team, had the Green Shirts been able to complete all the overs they could have easily scored around 320 runs and made things difficult for the Kiwis, he further said rain made the pitch difficult for the bowlers but Azhar Ali bowled well. Irfan’s fitness is being questioned as his bowling speed never crossed 130, having 4 similar left arm bowlers in the team did create problems. Pakistan fought well against New Zealand for which they need to be commended, the good thing is, nobody is bothered if you lose putting up a good fight.

Abdul Razzak said, Azhar Ali is a batsman of slow pitches, despite an inadequate experience of international cricket he’s carrying heavy responsibility of captaincy on his shoulders, its quite possible he learns the tips of captaincy within a couple of years, by then it would have been quite late. Our world ranking has been hurt badly and if the Board wants to bring improvement they will have to take corrective measures or else matters would further deteriorate.

Saeed Ajmal said Pakistan team’s performance was not as expected, the team couldn’t understand New Zealand’s conditions whereas the Kiwis took full advantage of this. Our squad is missing such bowlers who can not only contain runs but can also take wickets to pressurize the opponent.