Former Pakistan skipper Asif Iqbal shares his thoughts on T-10 concept

Asif Iqbal
Former Pakistan skipper Asif Iqbal, shares his thoughts on T-10 concept

Former Pakistan skipper Asif Iqbal, who brought cricket to the desert years ago, shared a few thoughts on t-10 concept.

“T-10 cricket is an absolutely new concept and perhaps the most intriguing feature is that its launch is not being overseen by any official cricketing body. This is not a product of the ICC or the PCB, but an entirely private venture. If it becomes popular, the credit should go to those who have conceived this unique idea,” He said.

He also said, “It is impossible to assess at the moment whether it will ‘catch on’. When T-20 cricket started, nobody thought it would be popular but everybody who thought so has been proved wrong. With time available for leisure activities being increasingly restricted, it is quite possible that it will be very popular.”

Former cricketer enlightens with the innovations and the strategies that can be tried in T-10 cricket.

“With each side facing just ten overs, it is almost inevitable that most playing members of a side based on eleven players will not get a chance to bat. Keeping that in mind, here are some innovations that could be tried in this form of the game with a view to making it more competitive and interesting:

1. It may be considered whether a fixed number of batsmen should be allowed to bat. For example, a side’s innings may end at the fall of the 6th wicket. For fielding purposes, the side will continue to consist of 11 players.

2. A batsman should be made to retire after he has scored a certain number of runs, say 30.

3. A partnership that has batted for say 5 overs may be discontinued, with the option with the batting side to decide which of the two batsmen is to be called back.

4. To make run scoring slightly more difficult, it may be an idea to introduce no fielding restrictions in this form of the game. There will therefore be no circles, no provisions to have a set number of fielders in ‘catching’ positions or in run saving positions. However, the normal rules of cricket, like no more than 2 fielders behind square on the leg side, will apply.

5. If TV accessories like snickometer, hawk-eye, hot spot etc are available, it may be an idea to use a different interpretation of hawk-eye whereby all balls hitting the stump are judged out, with no such thing as ‘umpire’s call’. This important move could pave the way for a similar change in all forms of the game which many people would support as it provides a more even playing field.

6. To enable the game to move quickly, bowlers’ run-ups may be limited.”

The upcoming cricket revolution, T-10 cricket league is all set to kick-off this month.