Former Pakistani Amateur Boxer, Waseem Shines in Korea


Former Pakistani amateur boxer, Muhammad Waseem won the match against a much experienced opponent, John Bajawa of Indonesia in the sixth of the eight round fight in Seoul, South Korea on Saturday.

Muhammad Waseem won the bout by technical knockout; he landed some brutal body shots on John Bajawa that ultimately got Waseem the victory.

The boxer, who is known as Muhammad ‘Falcon’ Waseem, looked extremely sharp throughout the fight and clearly dominated his opponent.

Waseem, who was training in Las Vegas for the fight with Jeff Mayweather at the popular Floyed Mayweather Jr. Boxing Club has won his third consecutive match of his professional boxing career.

He has been the best boxer for Pakistan for the past couple of years and the boxing captain for the country at a variety of occasions. He has won many medals for his country. He quit amateur boxing last year and now pursuing his career as a professional boxer.

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