Free WiFi during World T20 for Spectators in the Stands


Spectators will be able to post check ins and upload selfies right from the stadium during the upcoming World T20 in India, thanks to free WiFi connection in six stadiums.

Stadiums in Bangalore, Dharamshala, Kolkata, Mohali, New Delhi and Mumbai will provide free WiFi to the people present in the stands.

The service provider has intelligently installed routers in stadiums that will only provide connections to spectators in the stadium and ensure that signals reach in every corner of the stands.

On an average, there are nearly 600 WiFi access points in each stadium, whereas, Eden Gardens, that has the capacity for 68,000 spectators have 1101 access points.

The internet provider’s spokesman said, “We supported connectivity for about 30,000 people in Mumbai. At any given point, 20,000 people were continuously connected through wi-fi. It was delivering speed of 15-35 megabit per second,”

The internet provider has made sure that 68,000 spectators in Eden Gardens, 41,000 at Feroz Shah Kotla, 33,000 at Wenkhede, 26,000 at Mohali , 35,000 at Chinnaswami and 23,000 at Dharamshala stadium will get free hotspot connection.

It will be the first time, where spectators will be entertained with free WiFi connection in a cricket stadium. The qualifying round will commence from 8th of March, whereas, the Super 10 round will kick off from 15th march.

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