From purse vendor to Pakistan’s finest bodybuilder

From purse vendor to Pakistan's finest bodybuilder
From purse vendor to Pakistan's finest bodybuilder
Shukriya Pakistan

KARACHI: It wasn’t an easy journey for Abdul Malik to become Pakistan’s finest bodybuilder from being a purse vendor. The man shared his inspiring journey with ARY Sports in a candid interview.

Hailing from Karachi, all Abdul Malik hoped for was to win the gold for Pakistan and it was a feeling that couldn’t be described in words when he finally managed to clinch one in Musclemania in 2015.

“Whatever I achieve is for Pakistan. It is Pakistan that I represent. All medals or trophies that I win has Pakistan on them,” he tells ARY Sports. “The kind of fame I have got by waving Pakistani flag at the international stage, now I want to hold the Green flag all the time, Pakistan is my identity.”

Like many other athletes of Pakistan, who are representing the country at the world forum and portraying a positive image of the country without much of a recognition, Malik also seeking the required attention and the much needed sponsors.

“Abdul Malik do not go alone in these bodybuilding competitions, I represent 200 million Pakistanis on the stage,” he said. “All I want are sponsors for training not money for myself.”

Malik told that whatever he used to earn from selling purses at the Hyderi market of Karachi, he invested it in preparations for the bodybuilding competitions. Plus, he took loans from people as well, after all the hardships, he is able to win big prizes for his country.

Abdul Malik also hailed the CEO of ARY Network, Mr. Salman Iqbal for the way he is supporting sports in Pakistan in shape of Karachi Kings.

“I want to thank Mr. Salman Iqbal for the way he has appreciated me,” he said. “I wore Karachi Kings jersey in Las Vegas in Musclemania as I love Karachi Kings and to show that I belong to Karachi in Pakistan.”

“I want to thank Mr. Salman Iqbal for the kind of support he has shown for me.”